Speaker Dr. Kevin Jordan Wednesday March 4th

Dr. Jordan will be speaking next Wednesday, March 4th at 7 p.m. in ENG 486. The chapter will be providing turkey sandwiches, chips, and water. If you need a vegetarian option, please email me. The event is open to all students.

If you’re a member, please RSVP to the Evite. If you’re a non-member and wish to attend, please RSVP to me by this Sunday at 9 p.m.

The topic of the evening will be as follows:

Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen): SJSU Participation in Meeting the Aeronautics Challenge

Dr. Kevin Jordan of the Department of Psychology at SJSU will present an overview of work being done on a series of research agreements that he directs at the NASA Ames Research Center. One major focus of his team’s current work involves supporting the near term NextGen requirements for increased capacity, increased safety, and a reduced impact of air transportation on the environment. Since this system will be asked to do more that it does currently, and since roles and responsibilities will change in this future system, we are working to develop decision-support tools for pilots and air-traffic controllers. Dr. Jordan will describe ongoing work that involves developing an air-side (flight deck) Cockpit Situation Display and ground-side merging and spacing algorithms.

Biography of Dr. Jordan:

Dr. Jordan is a Professor of Psychology at SJSU. He has been at San Jose State since 1984 and currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in visual perception. Dr. Jordan received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Kansas State University in 1982. As Project Director of numerous cooperative agreements between San Jose State University and the Human Systems Integration Division at the NASA Ames Research Center, Dr. Jordan has authored proposals resulting in over $95 million in funding to support collaborative research in aerospace human factors. He has published in the areas of visual illusions and aftereffects, size constancy, and the perception of misoriented stimuli. Dr. Jordan’s current human factors research interests involve studying size and distance perception in virtual environments and visual attentional issues in the use of head-up displays. Dr. Jordan received the NASA Public Service Medal in 1992. He was named the 1995-1996 Outstanding Professor at San Jose State University and in 2001, he was named Outstanding Teacher by the Western Psychological Association.

Hope to see you there!
Jamie Miller
Events Coordinator

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