Farewell from Student Council 2016 – 2017

Dear SJSU HFE Family,

It was wonderful serving and representing you all!

We had an eventful academic year! We plan to upload a ppt outlining what we have done this past year at a later date. So be on the lookout for that update!

I especially want to thank our many wonderful workshop instructors, tour hosts, judges, mentors, speakers, and resume/portfolio reviewers. Many of them are SJSU HFE alumni!

Lastly, I want to thank 2016 – 2017 SJSU HFES council for volunteering their time and skills for many SJSU HFES activities and events. They accomplished it all while juggling school, work, and personal commitments which speaks volumes about the people they are.  

Michael Chambers Jr., Chia-Wei Tu, Tiffany Wong, Jenna Garafalo, Keerthika Ramakrishnan, Alex Scott
Side Panel: Joe Laffoon, Manisha Goenka, Jared Rosso

Get to know and connect with council members!
Profiles of 2016-2017 SJSU HFES council are posted below.
(and a few of us are still looking or will be looking for internships or jobs!).

SJSU HFES Student Council 2016-2017

P.S. We will be announcing 2017-2018 SJSU HFES Council later tonight!


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