Since 2004, the San Jose State Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Student Chapter has existed to help further the state of the Human Factors graduate program at San Jose State. Our goals as a chapter include:

  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge to further academic development,
  • Build stronger connections between the professional and academic aspects of Human Factors,
  • Providing a social and professional support network for students, and
  • Spreading the word of Human Factors to the public.

We accomplish this through a host of activities, such as:

  • Speaking events featuring prominent practitioners of HF/E from both industry and academia,
  • Field trips to local businesses that feature (or need) HF/E,
  • Workshops to help develop skills utilized in the HF/E field,
  • Social outings and events, and
  • Gatherings to discuss thesis research, industry methods, and current issues surrounding the Human Factors field.

Click here to download the Student Chapter Constitution

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