Call for Content

I’ve been talking to many students and the current executive council in terms of what you’d like to see happen with the website. One thing that people seem to miss is the newsletter – we haven’t had a newsletter committee for some time. One idea that’s been floated is scrap the idea of having a regular newsletter in favor of a more dynamic blog format. The EC and I were thinking that we’d get a group of people together, each of whom were interested in a specific SJSU or HF/E topic. Ideally, we were thinking that contributors would publish a short (under 500 words, typically) article once every week or two, possibly augmented by more frequent, smaller “Check out this link I found” type posts

Topic Ideas:

  • HCI
  • Ergonomics
  • Research
  • Project/Thesis Discussion
  • Careers
  • Alumni Connection

There’s an incredible wealth of information available in many of these areas, and I know there are many of us stay current in them. Relaying some of that information would be a great chance to help your fellow students, your writing, and even add an extra item to your resume. So if you’re interested, please email me with your area of interest and how often you’d think you’d be able like to contribute. Being a blog format, there’s much more flexibility so you don’t have to worry about adding yet another deadline an already busy schedule. Also, people who are interested in contributing “at large” are also more than welcome. The idea here is just to get a lot of people contributing a moderate amount, so that the web site is always updated with great new content.

Also, if you’ve never blogged before – don’t worry – the software we’re using is super easy to use (I promise!) and I’ll help anyone interested get setup.

Thanks and have a great semester!