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Interested in joining? We accept all majors, current students, or alumni of SJSU. Annual membership dues are $10. Contact us at to sign up.

Got feedback, comments, suggestions, inquiries, requests, ideas? Contact us at! We’d love to hear from you!

Faculty Advisor

  • Dan Nathan-Roberts, Ph.D.

SJSU HFES 2018-2019 Executive Council

  • President: Tiffany Tran
  • Vice President: Josephine Shu
  • Director of Events: Madison Boston
  • Treasurer: Marika Hein
  • Secretary: Crystal Kirkley
  • Director of Marketing: Ian Endresen

SJSU HFES 2017-2018 Executive Council

  • President: Olamide Olufemi
  • Vice President: Chelsea Echiverri
  • Director of Events: Terence Tyson
  • Treasurer: Connie Jiang
  • Secretary: SaaiKishore Rathinasamy
  • Director of Marketing: Mary Zdorova
  • Student Ambassador: Hila Gutfreund
  • Student Ambassador: Javy Wang
  • Student Ambassador: Jingwei Wang
  • Student Ambassador: Yifei Wang

SJSU HFES 2016-2017 Executive Council

  • President: Tiffany Wong
  • Vice President: Jenna Garafalo
  • Director of Events: Alexander Scott
  • Treasurer: Michael Chambers
  • Secretary: Chia-Wei Tu
  • Director of Marketing: Keerthika Ramakrishnan
  • Student Ambassador: Jared Rosso
  • Student Ambassador: Manisha Goenka
  • Student Ambassador: Joeseph Laffoon
 SJSU HFES 2015-2016 Executive Council
  • President: Tiffany Young
  • Vice President: Tiffany McKinley
  • Director of Events: Michael Castagnolo
  • Treasurer: Gowa Wu
  • Secretary: Samantha Ruvio
  • Director of Marketing: Mark Garibaldi
  • Student Ambassador: Tiffany Wong
  • Student Ambassador: Jenna Garafalo

Photographer: George Komoto

SJSU HFES 2014-2015 Executive Council

  • President: Evan Silverman
  • Vice President: Jake Volz
  • Director of Events: Margaret Galeon
  • Treasurer: Peter McEvoy
  • Secretary: Jarad Bell

SJSU HFES 2013-2014 Executive Council

  • Vice President: Shivam Vora
  • Director of Events: Gabriela Seropian
  • Treasurer: Nidhi Jaiswal
  • Secretary: Jimmy Wendt

SJSU HFES 2012-2013 Executive Council

  • President: Sin Lee Loh
  • Vice President: Joey Mangini
  • Director of Events: Carson Whitaker
  • Treasurer: Will Valladao
  • Secretary: Maggie Taula
  • Assistant Secretary: Lara Cheng

3rd Annual Kevin Corker Alumni Symposium Committee Members

  • Thanh Le
  • Mike Wang
  • Aaron Ackerman
  • Tiffany Lee

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  1. My company, DeviceFarm would like to hire a part-time intern with Human Factors and Ergonomics experience in the Aug / Sept timeframe (Flyer attached). Could you suggest where I should distribute my flyer so that interested SJSU-HFES students will see it?

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